To honor and celebrate both Black History Month and Women’s History Month is a pretty big task… too big some folks would say for one brewery to do alone. Esoteric and Rhinegeist both understand that. That’s why instead of tasking themselves alone to do it, they’ve come together to create a collaboration beer and a spectacular event to hopefully do things in a big enough way to do it some justice.

The Collaboration Beer

You’ll wanna go ahead and mark your calendar for this one, now. The draft-only release goes down on February 22nd in both taprooms (we’ll talk about that in just a moment). It’s a Red Rye IPA, called “Harmony!” – and it draws its inspiration from the thread of positivity and positive growth that runs deep through this city.

It’s also the biggest reason that they wanted to do this together – it’s a sign of solidarity. Rhinegeist wanted to do something special for their first real local collaboration, and I think they’ve done a great job with it. We’ve heard over and over from folks that a rising tide raises all boats – and it’s amazing to see that Rhinegeist is embracing that bigger than ever before.

The Release Event

This isn’t just about a beer, though. You know that if it was I wouldn’t be spending the time to get a post written about it.

Coinciding with the release is a two-part panel discussion that is hosted by MORTAR, which is a Cincinnati-based nonprofit that provides resources to entrepreneurs building small businesses in their communities since 2014. Early on in the history of MORTAR they started developing programming that paid homage to their history as well as what they were working on for the future.

This series of events known as Future History Now is now on its 7th iteration… and not only has it become a big part of MORTAR- it is the perfect addition to both Esoteric and Rhinegiest’s personalities.

With the tapping event comes ‘The Tapped In Talks: A Harmonious Speaker Series”. On February 22nd from 5:30-7:30, they’ll celebrate Black History month at Esoteric Brewing, and then on March 3rd from 5:30-7:30pm, they’ll celebrate Women’s History month at an event in the Rhinegeist taproom.

Both of these events will see 1$ from each pint going right to MORTAR… so you can feel good about the beers you’re drinking.

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