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The Boston Beer Company today announced the launch of HARD MTN DEW®, a new alcoholic beverage featuring four bold flavors, including original MTN DEW®, Baja Blast®, Black Cherry, and Watermelon. With no caffeine, zero added sugar, and 100 calories per serving, HARD MTN DEW will offer adults of legal drinking age a delicious way to dial up the fun with a bite at 5% alcohol by volume (ABV). Available in 24oz. single-serve cans and 12-pack 12oz. can Mix Packs, HARD MTN DEW is rolling out now across Florida, Tennessee, and Iowa – with expanded availability to be announced throughout 2022.

Originally intended to be a mixer for alcoholic spirits when MTN DEW was created more than 80 years ago, the brand is returning to its roots in one of the first alcoholic versions of a major soft drink. Featuring new, differentiated graphics to highlight the HARD offering, HARD MTN DEW is created for adults of legal drinking age looking for bold, delicious flavor with an edge. 

“The Boston Beer Company and PepsiCo share a passion for pushing boundaries and delivering innovative new beverages that meet the evolving demands of U.S. drinkers. HARD MTN DEW delivers on the bold, citrus flavors of the soft drink fans know and love, now with an added bite of 5% ABV.”

Lesya Lysyj – CMO of The Boston Beer Company

As part of the business arrangement, Boston Beer will develop and produce new HARD MTN DEW and Blue Cloud Distribution, Inc. a new entity, wholly owned by PepsiCo, which is responsible for the wholesale operations of HARD MTN DEW, including sales, distribution, and merchandising. 

How Far Would You Go?

If you’re worried that HARD MTN DEW isn’t available in your state yet and you can’t wait to get a taste, HARD MTN DEW has your back. Through March 8, visit to enter the How Far Would You Go? contest for the chance to win a trip to be among the first fans to taste HARD MTN DEW in Tennessee – the birthplace of the MTN DEW brand.  

To participate, tell us exactly how far you would travel and what lengths you would go to get your hands on HARD MTN DEW. The winning submission will receive a trip to Nashville, Tennessee for a one-of-a-kind HARD MTN DEW experience, including airfare, two nights lodging, transportation, and a $1,000 spending allowance. To participate, entrants must be twenty-one years of age and be a U.S. resident.  Full rules and regulations can be found here.

For additional HARD MTN DEW information, please visit and follow @HardMountainDew on TwitterFacebook and Instagram for real-time news and updates. 

About The Boston Beer Company:

The Boston Beer Company, Inc. (NYSE: SAM) began in 1984 brewing Samuel Adams beer and the Samuel Adams brand is currently recognized as one of the largest and most respected craft beer brands. Our portfolio of brands also includes Truly Hard Seltzer, Twisted Tea Hard Iced Tea, Angry Orchard Hard Cider, Dogfish Head Brewery, Bevy Long Drink as well as other craft beer brands such as Angel City Brewery and Coney Island Brewing. For more information, please visit our investor relations website at, which includes links to all of our respective brand websites.

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