Woodburn has been on a definite transformation – when the new ownership (The March First Family of Brands) took over in early 2021 we knew that they were going to work hard to change things around, but this? This is fantastic. The taproom has grown a little bit, with the addition of a lounge area where the old brewhouse used to be – and now, they’ve added a full kitchen to the back of the space, too.

If you thought that this was just another small, bar-bites type of operation, you were very, very wrong. This is a Kitchen that you’ll want to go eat at, even if you’re not a beer drinker. It’s something that should be getting the neighborhood of East Walnut Hills really, really excited right now.

I sat down with Josh Engel (you guys know Josh, right? He runs social media and marketing for March First) – Bhumin Desai, the March First culinary director, and the new Head Chef for Woodburn, Andrew Han. We talked about not just what the Kitchen is going to be like, but what it means for the bigger picture of how March First’s taprooms will keep growing into the short (and long-term) future.

Guests This Episode

  • Josh Engel – March First/Woodburn
  • Bhumin Desai – March First/Woodburn
  • Andrew Han – March First/Woodburn

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