Cincinnati has a strange relationship with our sports teams. We don’t always have the “winningest” teams to rally behind – but we rally… hard. It just so happens that we’re currently living in an era right now with a couple of folks in town that are really easy to rally behind, too. The Joes.

Grainworks rallies just as hard as the rest of us and isn’t afraid to shout from the rooftops about their fandom – or their willingness to crush over these two gentlemen. They are so willing, in fact, that this summer they’re letting loose on a new beer that does the shouting for them – and it’s called ‘Crushin’ on Joes’.

About The Beer

Crushin’ On Joes is a German Pilsner, clocking in at a nice 4.9% abv, perfect for… well… crushing. The brewery notes that the beer is loaded up with a character that is perfect for the summertime heat. In the official tasting notes, they point out a spicy, but subtle hop bitterness from the German Tattnang hops, along with a soft, white wine and gooseberry aroma that comes from the Hallertau Blanc hops.

It’s bigger than that, though – it’s a love letter to the guys that allow us sports fans to come together around Cincy sports.

Joe Burrow doesn’t need much of an introduction after what he and the Bengals did last season. Grainworks loves him for his maturity, his grit, his attitude, and his will to win. I’m not sure that you’d have an easy time finding anyone in town that would disagree with that sentiment right now!

Joey Votto, meanwhile, is a similar guy from a different sport. The brewery loves Votto not just for being a great human being and a first-ballot future Hall of Famer, but for being a good dude with a great sense of humor. ‘Votto Still Bangs’ – and Grainworks wants to shout that as loudly as they possibly can.

Get Your Hands On The Beer

Crushin’ On Joes is available in the Grainworks taproom and should be popping up in your favorite beer stores all around town starting this week in 12oz six-packs.

If you want to know what the beer tastes like in my opinion… stay tuned – I should have some tasting notes done “soon”!

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