Remember the joy of a beer release? Both Fifty West and Third Eye do, and they are collaborating this month to bring back some of that joy. Not only did they get together and brew up a new Double IPA – they’re doing an actual release, too. You remember, right? In-person, meeting new friends, drinking some beers together… if you don’t remember that – this is going to be that much better.

Fifty West is even sweetening the deal by letting loose on bottles of their award-winning 10&2 Barleywine. They are also going to be putting a special tap list that you’ll have to wait to see (with some really special crowlers available).

The Beer Release Details

You’ll want to go ahead and clear your schedule now. It all goes down on Saturday, March 26th when the front take-out window at the Fifty West Burger Bar becomes bottle/can release central. They aren’t doing any online sales – so you’re going to have to show up if you want to snag one of these!

The official release starts at 11 am, but they’re going to allow folks to start lining up at 8 am to “hang out” and get their spot in line.

It sounds like a great chance to hang out with some friends, new or old – as well as get back out there and snag a few fun beers – which… speaking of… we should talk about!

10&2 Barleywine

You are hopefully familiar with Fifty West’s 10&2 by now, right? This big, 12.5% abv Barleywine spends time in a blend of Buffalo Trace barrels and an Old Elk barrel from the Illuminati bourbon group. It’s loaded up with flavors of toffee, red licorice, American oak, powdered cocoa, and cherry cola. It’s big, bold and an incredible beer to sip on for a special occasion with some friends (or just a random night alone… I’m not going to judge).

10&2 doesn’t need to prove itself to you – but if you’re not convinced – it’s definitely what you call an award winner. It’s brought home three different Gold medals, a Silver, and 3 bronze medals from several competitions over the last 8 years, including a Gold medal at the famed GABF in 2017. This beer is no joke.

If you want to snag some of this, you can get 2 12oz bottles per person, but there’s only going to be 12 cases available.

Eye On The Road

This Double IPA, on the other hand, is a whole different type of beast. Fifty West called on their friends over at Third Eye to help make this come to life. When they were done we were left with a big 8% Hazy, Double IPA brewed with Nelson Sauvin, Galaxy and Citra hops.

The breweries used a bunch of fun new stuff in this one – Phantasm Powder and Cosmic Punch yeast. If you wanna get a little geeky, these two ingredients concentrate the free thiols (that’s the stuff that tastes tropical and fruity) in the beer.

Basically – this beer is going to be absolutely loaded up with mango, pineapple, and “tropical lifesavers” flavors, all alongside a soft malty backbone.

Again, much like 10&2, there’s a limit. You’ll be able to snag up to two four-packs per person, and there are 42 cases of it available.

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