Ohio beer is still kicking on all cylinders, as this news clearly shows us. Combustion Brewing just announced that they have plans for their second taproom to open in the Clintonville neighborhood of Columbus this year, and while they might not be a Cincinnati Brewery, it still makes this “homer” pretty pumped to see continued growth throughout the state.

Getting To Know Combustion… A Little

Combustion Brewing marks its fifth anniversary this year (April 16th) in its first location in Pickerington – and the expansion is going to be a welcome one for folks that were sad to hear the news that the brewery formerly occupying the space would be closing.

Much like a lot of stories in Ohio beer… Combustion’s started in Athens Ohio where owner Keith Jackson got his start in homebrewing. From Athens, Jackson and his wife spent some time in Seattle before making their way back home. Keith landed at Columbus Brewing and then to Gordon Biersch before the itch to open his own thing started getting too big to ignore.

Why You Should Care

Combustion was never about being big – it has always been about neighborhood dedication, which is why I know that folks of Clintonville are going to dig having them there. The owners of the brewery, Keith and Sarah spent some time living in Clintonville and are very quick to point out in everything that I’ve read out that this opening is just as special to them as their first location was.

The couple looks to continue with what Lineage started, but put their own spin on things, too. This sounds like a place that I really, really want to visit… and I hope you do, too!

Keep your eyes peeled to social media for more details on opening dates, they’re saying right now that they hope to open “this summer”!

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