April Fools! I hope that I had you going with this one! While I may not be moving the show to Dayton… it was a fun chance to head up that way for a week and chat with a place that I’ve been impressed with each time I’ve tried their beer – Branch and Bone Artisan Ales.

I convinced their Director of Sales, Trevor Sutherland to join me on this little adventure and I’m glad that I did! This peek behind what makes this place tick makes me that much more of a fan of what they’re doing – and might even convince me to take some more regular trips up north to share what’s happening in the Dayton beer scene!

I hope you enjoyed this one… and I hope you’re not to upset that I played a little joke on you!

Guests This Episode

  • Trevor Sutherland – Branch and Bone Artistan Ales

From The Beer Fridge

  • Branch and Bone Artisan Ales – Buzzards & Dreadful Crows, Pilsner

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