Award-winning tequila brand CALIROSA, the premier red wine barrel-aged sipping tequila, announces the launch of its latest expression and first-ever limited release; Cinco Años Extra Añejo. Offered in highly limited quantities, Cinco Años Extra Añejo will retail for $299.00 per 750ml bottle and will make its pre-sale debut on May 5, 2022, via, allowing Total Wine’s Concierge members first access to purchase a bottle of the exquisite expression. Cinco Años Extra Añejo will also roll out to a variety of premium liquor stores, bars, and restaurants across the United States, shortly thereafter.

CALIROSA’s Cinco Años Extra Añejo is the oldest aged tequila offering brought to market from CALIROSA. Made with 100% blue agave and aged for five years in California red wine barrels, Cinco Años Extra Añejo offers unique aromas of chocolate, hints of vanilla, and marshmallows with light notes of wood oak to finish. It joins CALIROSA’s distinctive lineup of award-winning red wine barrel-aged tequilas, which include Rosa Blanco, aged 30 days, Añejo, aged 18 months, and Extra Añejo, aged for 36 months in red wine barrels.

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo serve as partners for CALIROSA alongside the Real family. Since launching in 2021, CALIROSA has served as an innovative fusion between Mexico’s heritage and spirit and California’s vibrant lifestyle and is now widely available across the United States.

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“Working alongside our partners in the Real family, both the packaging and liquid were designed to honor the land, the agaves, the people, and the tequila-making traditions of Jalisco for generations.

Behati Prinsloo – co-founder of Calirosa

“Our Cinco Años Extra Añejo was finished in our signature California red wine barrels and is the ultimate sipping tequila, with an aroma of rich chocolate, hints of vanilla, and wood oak on the finish. We’re excited to bring out a super-premium offering for a limited time. 

Adam Levine – co-founder of Calirosa

CALIROSA Cinco Años Extra Añejo is produced by the Real family within their Kosher-Certified facilities in Amatitán, Jalisco where they have been producing tequila since 1942. Real family patriarchs, Don Roberto and Don Fernando Real, have dedicated their entire lives to the production and commercialization of high-quality tequilas. Master Distiller Luis Trejo Rodriguez, a third-generation tequila maker, rounds out the CALIROSA team with more than 30 years of industry experience, holding the elite title of Master Distiller for 15 years. Throughout each step of the cultivation, harvest, cooking, fermentation, distillation, and bottling process, CALIROSA employs a small-batch production method that yields a limited number of bottles and exceptional products each day.

While the tequila industry standard calls for agave with 22-24% sugar content, CALIROSA handpicks only 100% Blue Weber agave (harvested in their peak at 7-9 years maturation) containing over 26% sugar content, resulting in a more balanced flavor profile. Brick ovens are then used by CALIROSA to slowly cook the agaves to produce a more intense aroma and nuanced tasting profile. The liquid is fermented for up to 50 hours, twice distilled, and then aged in red wine barrels for additional infused flavor notes of cherry, red berries, and wood. The result is a family of consistently superior tequilas with evolving aromatics and multidimensional sensory experiences. The final product is then bottled and labeled with screen-printed UV-cured ink, free of toxic, heavy metals to ensure there is no contamination. 

CALIROSA tequilas are available online at and in select retailers across 26 states. Please visit to locate your nearest stockist.  

About Calirosa

CALIROSA, an expression of sun-soaked beach days and desert nights, is a new brand of refreshing, premium tequilas made for those who appreciate true beauty and know how to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. The brand blends the highest artistry in tequila making with innovative winemaking techniques to capture the spirit and soul of Mexico with the idyllic lifestyle and vibrance of California. CALIROSA is made in Jalisco, Mexico by the Real family, longtime producers of high-quality tequila since 1942. Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo serve as partners for CALIROSA and have invested in the family-owned distillery to help introduce the brand to the world. Created with the highest quality ingredients and following the heritage and expertise of multiple generations of tequila makers, CALIROSA presents a unique Californiared-wine aging process for a distinctively smooth taste that we are proud to introduce to the world. CALIROSA’s recent awards and accolades, since launching in 2021, include 93 and 95 Ratings from The Tasting Panel for Rosa Blanco and Añejo and a Double Gold Medal from the prestigious New York World Wine Spirits Competition for Añejo. For additional information please visit

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