I didn’t think when we were planning this episode that it would also be Cinco De Mayo, I also am not always a fan of the fact that so many beers that folks make for the holiday are pretty much the same thing… so for those reasons, this isn’t a Cinco De Mayo themed show… but Michael Amann (from Adena Distributing) and I certainly talked about it.

We also talked about “alternative beverages” and their place in modern craft beer… and we had a great discussion about some really nerdy beer stuff that you can’t hear because my memory card freaked out on me (always carry a backup, podcasters). It’s an excellent episode!

Guests This Episode

  • Michael Amann – Adena Distribution

From The Beer Fridge

  • Brink Brewing – Summertide
  • Singlecut – Wild and Gilly
  • Pipeworks – Ninja vs Unicorn
  • Fifty West – Hard Pink Lemonade
  • Karrikin – Bourbon Wheel
  • Newtopia Cyder – Amethyst Airwaves

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