There are several big things in the works for Dead Low Brewing over in California, Ohio. Some of the new updates are things that I’m sure you’ve seen if you follow them on social media – but the last one? It’s a brand spanking new off the secret rumor wire that all of us Cincinnati Beer Bloggers subscribe to. Dead Low Cans? We’ll get there, in just a minute.

I’ll start with the easy things that you should have hopefully already seen.

Parking, Always The Issue

Image From Dead Low Brewing

Oh man, bring up any brewery – new, old, big, small – it doesn’t matter. People tend to get fired up about parking. I’m not going to go as far as to say that there is a parking problem with Dead Low, because after all, the streets in California are all public parking. There are a ton of spots available if you’re willing to walk a block or two.

I get it though… a lot of folks don’t want to walk.

It’s a good thing to have a brewery that gets as busy as Dead Low does… it means that they are doing something right, but it also means that their parking lot can fill up quickly. They’ve been paying attention and are in the process of expanding their parking a little bit more to add some much-needed space.

Again… I hope that you’re following them on social media for all the updates on this project. It should be done very soon!

It’s Deck Season!

Image From Dead Low Brewing

Deck season is a real thing here in Cincinnati. We spend a nice chunk of the year longing for sunshine and warm evenings. It’s the best way to sit out and enjoy a cold beer. Dead Low understood this even before they opened their doors, with a big deck and patio. They might even understand it better today after being in business for a few years.

They are taking their already massive deck on the back of their brewpub and expanding it. This isn’t a tiny little deck addition, either… it’s huge.

This should take the outdoor beer garden experience that Dead Low already does a great job with, and lift it to a new level. I can’t wait to see how this turns out! Much like their parking lot addition, this one should be done very, very soon!

Dead Low Cans? Could It Be?

This next part is a little bit of speculation on my part… an educated prediction, I suppose. I pay pretty close attention to the federal TTB, which is where label approvals happen. When a new label is approved, it’s not a guarantee that we’re going to see that beer on shelves, or that it will happen soon, it just means that they’re allowed to.

With that being said – we’ve got some Dead Low labels that have been approved. Dead Low’s label approvals are coming to us through a contract partner, helping out with logistics and the excess brewing capacity that will be needed (something that is becoming very common in Cincinnati these days).

Both of these are light, easy drinkers… lagers. If you know me, you know that this is right in my wheelhouse – and definitely two beers that I’d like to see in my fridge!


Fenix is a Mexican-Style Lager. It uses Vienna Malt and Corn to give it that familiar taste that you have come to love from those amber style lagers that pair up so nicely with a sunny afternoon. At 5.8% ABV it’s still crushable!

American Lager

Light, refreshing, easy-drinking. Dead Low’s second label approval is for their American Lager, a 4.9% ABV crusher that will make just about everyone happy. This is a beer that fits into just about every social situation and a great choice for them to put out there!

It’s Time To Visit

You might not be catching the overall idea of this post. I think that it might be time to pay Dead Low a visit if you haven’t. All of these changes, coupled up with head brewer turnover make for a great opportunity for a brewery to revisit who they are. Fresh starts, built upon the things that already made them great? It’s a recipe for a good summer!

If you want to know more about the brewery, you can always read up on them here on the website. If that’s not enough, make sure you follow them on Facebook, or on Instagram, as well as visit their webpage for all the lastest information and menus.

The easiest way, though, is to pay them a visit at their brewpub – located at 5959 Kellog Avenue!

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