Berd’s Grill & Bar

500 Wessel Drive, Fairfield, Ohio 45014
(513) 805-7250

Dive Score: 48 (What’s This?)

Berd’s isn’t the type of spot that you’ll see hitting the big lists around town. You know the type: where to get the best cocktail, best beer selection, greatest patio, that type of list. Don’t let that dissuade you, though – it’s a spot that deserves to be talked about because it does exactly what it’s supposed to do, extremely well.

It’s a neighborhood bar, fit for families and solo drinkers or eaters alike. You need to check them out!

The Quick History

The space that Berd’s occupies is deeply loved, not just by me, but by Fairfield. It was the former location of Symmes Tavern, which became a local staple in its time in Fairfield’s Village Greene development. The restaurants that have tried to fill its space have had big shoes to fill, and it hasn’t been a smooth ride for them to try to do it.

When Berd’s opened its doors in 2019 it did so to a crowd that was skeptical of another space (they were the third location to move into the building since Symmes Tavern closed) but eager for someone to fill it with the energy and love that it deserved.

They knocked it out of the park. While I don’t personally know the owners, the word that I have gotten from local folks who do is that they operate this bar with the desire to become part of the community. It’s not just about opening a trendy bar that folks will talk about or cooking up some really crazy menu that people won’t be able to ignore. It’s about doing the right things, really well.

That’s why I enjoy the place.

What To Expect From Berd’s

This is a neighborhood bar and grill. I want to emphasize that. The space is full of wood, open tables, and booths. The main room is loaded with TVs for sporting events – and if you venture in on any evening you’ll be met with a room filled with families eating dinner.

The food is nothing that’s going to shock you. Wings, pizza, burgers, and sandwiches fill the menu which is reasonably priced and easy to navigate… but that’s not supposed to be a bad thing. They’re all bar food staples, and here, they’re all pretty freaking tasty.

The tap list has a mix of local staples from Municipal and Fretboard with a couple of regional breweries represented alongside the Bud, Miller, and Coors that you’d expect. It’s simple… It’s easy… and it’s comfortable.

One of the biggest things that helped my family fall in love with Berd’s is the patio. This massive space is fantastic during the summer months. Plenty of tables for folks to spread out and enjoy the sunshine, with a great mix of shaded and sunny spots depending on your preference.

What You Should Takeaway From This

We need more places like Berd’s. It doesn’t turn off folks who don’t feel comfortable at a “bar” – and yet drinkers like me feel right at home bellied up playing some Keno with a tall, local beer. The food is delicious, but not too full of itself that it’s not affordable anymore. The people are nice, the seating is comfortable, and there’s space for any size party that you can manage to bring in the door (they even have a back bar that you can rent out for private events)

If you find yourself in Fairfield… and you’re hungry, you’re thirsty, or you just wanna sit down for a bit – head to Berd’s!

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