I’m going to start out this with the disclaimer that the folks over at OTR Stillhouse invited me over to get a little sneak taste of their new single-barrel bourbon. I always like a little sneak taste of just about anything – but I want to make sure that I make it absolutely clear to you that it doesn’t ever change my opinion on the drink. When I tell you that this stuff is freaking delicious – that’s my honest truth. It’s me shouting from my keyboard that you really, really need to make sure that you clear your calendar for this Saturday – especially if you’re a Bourbon fan even in the slightest.

Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, though. Let’s start slow, let’s talk about this distillery drinking experience.

Knox Joseph? OTR Stillhouse? What?

I really, really hope that you’re sighing because you already know about these folks and don’t really want to read about who they are. If for some rare reason, you haven’t been paying attention – like to this post, or this one, and you really don’t know about OTR Stillhouse… I’m going to give you a quick rundown – feel free to skip ahead to the boozy stuff.

This place is an absolute playground for anyone who is nerdy about drinking (myself included). They are not only a great distillery and a great brewery – but they make their own wine, seltzers, sodas… all sorts of beverages – and don’t cut any corners in that process either.

With these folks, it wasn’t enough to just make a great product, though. Their space in OTR is not only in the heart of the city, but it’s an oasis of a beer garden, too. The bottle shop opens up to a massive courtyard, which is situated right next to a big indoor bar and performance space that is as perfect for live music as it is for sitting in the sun with a pint of great beer.

It seems that they thought of everything when they were planning the OTR Stillhouse, but as you can guess by the name, it’s built upon the distillery first and foremost – and their line of spirits comes from what they call the Knox Joseph Distillery. If you haven’t figured it out, yet – that’s what we’re talking about today… booze.

Specifically, Bourbon.

Single Barrel Bourbon… And It Tastes Amazing

This stuff has been slumbering away in barrels for four years, and my goodness was it worth the wait. They are releasing two barrels worth of this – at cask strength (of course) and while I’m not the best at writing up Bourbon tasting notes (especially when I don’t take notes while I’m drinking it) I walked away really pleased with it.

The bourbon definitely has some heat to it, once you get in you’re greeted with a load of sweet caramel and vanilla with an amazing baking spice-like background that made me giggle a little bit with happiness while drinking it.

I don’t know if I expected anything less. Everything that I’ve seen (or drank) from the production crew over there has been great. They aren’t messing around and certainly aren’t going to let a Bourbon out of their door that they don’t believe in. This is something that they should all be proud of.

The Release Event

This Saturday, August 13 is when you can get your hands on this. With a limited supply of it leaving the distillery, you’re going to want to get it while you can, too. At 2pm you will (if you’re in line) get a ticket to purchase, as well as a commemorative token for the event.

There’s a 1 bottle limit per person, and once you snag yours – you’re going to want to hang out for a little while. Kung Fu BBQ will be on site serving up food – and there’s an FC Game happening at 6pm. It’s going to be a party – all flippin’ day long.

Heck… if you get there early there’s even an Orange Theory Workout class from 11am-12pm (you need to register ahead of time for that – call or text 859-838-4555).

This is one of those days that we as drinkers always look forward to – it marks a big part of OTR Stillhouse’s life, and I hope that a ton of you go to take part in it!

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