Cider isn’t going anywhere. March first wants to make sure that folks don’t forget that, either. When the brewery/distillery opened up back in 2017 it had one of the strongest focuses of any brewery in the area on cider… but times change things. The rise of seltzer, and other fermented malt beverages has pushed cider to the background, again in consumers’ minds – and a lot of breweries shifted their “alternative beverage” focus to match that.

That doesn’t mean that Cider is dead, though. In fact, here in Cincinnati, we have started to see multiple projects that focus on cider… and the slow resurgence is bringing hope to cider fans that we might finally see it get its long overdue showcase that it deserves.

That Brings Us Back To March First

Just because March First has slowed down its focus on cider in favor of things like Seltzer, doesn’t mean that they don’t still love it. They use this festival every year to show that love. This year’s fourth Ciderpalooza looks like it’s going to be amazing – and it looks like it will provide a chance not just for cider lovers – but those who maybe are a little cider curious to get out and see what the drink is all about!

It’s all going down in the March First taproom, located at 7885 E Kemper Rd, on Saturday, September 10th from 11:30 am on through midnight.

The Cider

When you show up to the festival you’ll be able to buy tickets, which you can use to try more than 20 different ciders from all over not just Cincy, but the country as a whole.

March First is going to be doing 7 different ciders of their own, including a strawberry lemonade cider, a pineapple whip cider, a black sesame peach cider, and get this… even a grilled cheese variant… lord help us.

You’ll also find ciders from Tin Cap cidery located up in Wilmington, 21 Barrels from Bradford, Seek No Further from Granville, and Sons of Toil from over in Mt Orab.

Some bigger national brands will be there too – like Virtue Cider, Reverand Nat’s, Vandermill, and Starcut… it’s going to be an absolute blast!

But Wait… There’s More!

No party is complete without music and food – right? All day long, the brewery will be kicking out pizza and BBQ to make sure you have something to keep you drinking, and music will be rocking from 2 pm all the way until 10:30 that night.

They’re going to be closing down most of the parking lot for extra seating and for an outdoor stage – so it’s definitely recommended that you park across the street at Kemper Point, or down Goldcoast drive a block away. For a full map and for even more details about the event – make sure you visit March First’s website.

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