This is an apology episode, of sorts. I’ve been really bad about releasing episodes lately, and instead of trying to make a bunch of excuses and explain why, I thought I’d apologize by releasing a fun little “in-betweener” episode until the next one is finished!

This episode is part of the big Oktoberfest Quest that I’m in the middle of. For this, I drink every packaged oktoberfest beer in the city and put them head to head with each other. It’s a quest to find the best fest! The beers work through a bracket until only one remains. This showdown brings Braxton and Sam Adams back together in a rematch from last year – and it’s a tough one!

We will definitely be back on track with shows very soon… but hopefully this helps hold you over!

From The Beer Fridge

  • Braxton – Oktober Fuel
  • Sam Adams – Oktoberfest

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