You are aware at this point, right, that I’m sort of obsessed with Oktoberfest? I do my big Oktoberfest Quest every year, and I get obsessed with visiting as many festivals as my time (and my family) will allow me to… I love every aspect of it, from the beers to the food to the celebrations – but the best part of it all is getting a chance to spend some time with friends and family over a couple of beers.

Sonder gets this, very, very well.

Their festival every year captures perfectly the things that I love about it all – so it’s become a critical part of my “festing” each year.

This episode is just us, hanging out as friends… drinking a couple of beers, and talking about what we love about it all – it’s a fun one… and old-school Brewcast with a healthy dose of chaos.

If you’re looking for all the information about THIS year’s Oktoberfest celebration – check out this!

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