I always love a good conversation with Michael Amann from Adena Distributing – and this week’s episode is definitely no exception. We cracked open a few beers and talked about how “normal” some of the “odd” stuff really is. How common are the “crazy” beers that seem to get such a bad rap with the beer folks these days?

I don’t think that we really solved any of life’s problems that we set out to… but we had fun trying!

Guests This Episode

  • Michael Amann – Adena Distribution

From The Beer Fridge

  • Bhramari – Old Crispy, American Lager
  • Listermann Brewing Company – Liquid Sword 2.0
  • Burley Oak Brewing – Jelly Gose Jam, Fruited Gose
  • Untitled Art – Caramel Coconut Cookie Pastry Stout
  • Pipeworks Brewing Company – NvU Vs the Cryo

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