Billy Yanks

205 Main Street, Hamilton Ohio

Dive Score: 20 (What’s This?)

To say that Hamilton, Ohio has undergone a renaissance over the last recent bit of time is quite an understatement. The area is flourishing with new developments, and when the Cafeo Hospitality Group (You know them from Incline Public House, Press on Monmouth, and Jefferson Social at the Banks) made the decision to open a new concept there on Main Street – I knew we were in for a real treat.

What resulted is absolutely perfect for Hamilton.

Who’s Billy Yank?

I can only assume that anyone from Hamilton or the area around it, is familiar with the statue on top of the ‘Soldiers, Sailors, and Pioneers’ Monument. It’s the one with a soldier waving his hat with an open mouth mid-shout. While the official name of the 17-foot bronze statue is ‘Victory: Jewel of the Soul’ – somewhere in its life it became known as simply ‘Billy Yank’.

The statue’s name became the perfect banner to fly above the new project… it screams Hamilton.

The Concept

Hamilton is an amazing mix of different types of people, all looking for very different types of experiences. That’s a hard thing to manage when you’re planning a restaurant/bar – but Billy Yanks cracked the code. The main dining room and bar area is low-key and relaxed. It’s the type of space that works for a quick lunch, a casual dinner with your family, or a relaxed night out with a tasty craft beer.

Tucked on the other side of the space is a completely separate room, connected by a small hallway, that houses their bourbon bar. This space is a little more upscale. This is the type of space you look for if you want to get lost in a conversation over a cocktail, or when you have a night when the kids are with the babysitter.

The two sides of Billy Yanks complement each other while contrasting in near perfection.

What You Can Expect From Billy Yanks

The food plays this game just as well as the space does. The menu has everything from Mac and Cheese to Spam fries, but the real star of the show for me is their smash burgers. With plenty of options to choose from to top your burger, they have a well-rounded menu that will make your mouth water.

To wash it down they have a highly curated and great selection of Bourbon that they use to craft some really great cocktails. The bar is also well stocked with a bunch of local beer, as I feel that any place worth its weight absolutely needs to be (especially in Hamilton).

Overall, I’d call this place really well done. It’s casual but allows itself to dress up and be a little fancy, too if that’s what you’re looking for. For more information about Billy Yanks, make sure you hit up their website!

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