I assume at this point that you’ve heard of these folks. Rhinegeist is a pretty big deal, not just around Cincinnati, but in craft beer today. This show takes a little different look at what our city’s biggest “local” spot does to help tell it’s story via packaging, and marketing materials. I was lucky enough to sit down with the brewery’s director of Marketing, Tracey Irel,and and Creative Director Mike Gertz to see what goes into their process.

We talked about a lot, but used a couple of new products to illustrate some of it all – namely their Imperial IPA, called ‘Terror Bird’ and their new hazy/juicy IPA ‘Juicy Truth’ – it was not just a great peek at what makes these two products come to life – but it did give me a really great excuse to drink both of them on a gorgeous afternoon.

I hope that you guys find this as much fun as I do – I love having the opportunity to explore some sides of our local spots that we might not always appreciate when we’re cracking open a beer with friends!

Guests This Episode

  • Tracey Ireland – Rhinegeist
  • Mike Gertz – Rhinegeist

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