It’s been a busy year for Rhinegeist in the taproom, already. They became the biggest local Cincinnati brewery by knowing exactly what their fans want, and giving it to them inside as well as outside of their taproom – and so far the focus has been inside, for sure.

Sports Fans, Rejoice!

It’s no secret that beer pairs well with sporting events. Last year, Rhinegeist got a real taste of that when right after they installed their new, massive LED tv (which was installed to support FC Cincinnati fans). They didn’t know that right after it became part of their taproom the Bengals would follow up an exciting season with a trip to the Super Bowl.

The taproom started to become a place for sports fans to come and hang out, before and after games – or even during them for those who didn’t have tickets. It got the gears churning for the Rhinegeist team – and this year they’ve taken it the next step by teaming up with Tipico to create a space dedicated to sports (and betting on sports).

Image Provided Via Tipico Sports Book

With sports gambling legalized in Ohio – Tipico (a NJ based gambling company) is looking for ways to help get the word out with fans about their app – and they’re using this partnership with Rhinegeist to exactly that.

The sports deck will feature nine additional TVs in the taproom, viewable from an elevated deck area with seating and different sports activations. This is going to be a hotspot for you to hang out and get your fill of both, your favorite teams and your favorite beers, too!

Local Cantina Coming Downstairs

Ever since the OTR chili company closed its location downstairs (and in the corner of the taproom) there has been a definite need inside Rhinegeist to get a new food option up and running. Great news hit the Columbus Business Courier today with the word that Local Cantina would be filling the vacant spot and providing some of their great food to thirsty fans as soon as the end of this month (January) with a full opening planned for April 1st.

If you aren’t familiar with Local Cantina, you should probably listen up right now. With locations all over Columbus, and also in Dayton – these guys are cranking out some incredible food, paired up with a locally focused personality that is going to go really well with the vibe of Rhinegeist.

When the space is rolling, you’ll be able to order food right from your table via a QR code, or directly from kiosks in the taproom. The folks down at Local Cantina will bring it right up to the taproom for you (or you can walk down and grab it yourself if you need to get a few steps in).

They’re Never Done…

Rhinegeist just keeps growing and evolving their business, even as they’ve expanded to a machine that cranks out more than 100,000 bbls a year. I think that both of these nuggets are great news to anyone who’s a fan of what they’re doing. It shows the they are still just as focused on their taproom experience as they are the outside business that certainly takes up a ton of time and energy.

It makes me feel really good about what else we’re going to see from them this year! Speaking of that… for all the latest news and information about Rhinegeist, make sure you keep hanging out here on the website. If that’s not enough to give you your beer news fix – make sure you’re following the brewery over on social media, too!

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