I’m sure you know that charity and community engagement are a massive part of craft beer. It’s one of the core values of nearly every craft brewery that is really successful, and it’s most certainly a core value of our biggest local brewery in town, Rhinegeist. Their charitable community engagement and fundraising efforts have long fallen under the umbrella term ‘Charitable Suds’ – and the brewery is looking for ways to keep that growing as they prepare to move into their second decade of business here in Cincinnati.

Enter: Beer For Humans

On The Surface, It’s A Beer

I’ve talked a lot about the different roles craft beer, or beer in general, plays in our everyday lives. Not only does it have a role when you want to sit around with a few friends fussing over the latest hop variety or fun new yeast strain (there’s some really wild stuff happening around that here in town). Beer also plays a more behind-the-scenes role, too. There’s the can you crack open during the game, or while having a few slices of pizza. Beer that is easy, approachable, that you can keep in your fridge for friends who might not have the most adventurous palates.

This is where the new ‘Beer For Humans’ comes into the game.

The beer is a crisp “hop ale” – a dry and crackery, crisp malt backbone pairs up with a bright and citrusy hop presence that keeps everyone enjoying this sip after sip. It’s built from the ground up to showcase some great hop flavors that folks love, without the intense bitterness or higher alcohol that some modern IPAs showcase, turning some folks away.

It’s a beer for drinking, a beer for sharing… beer for EVERYONE!

The New Program Too

Beer For Humans isn’t just about a beer, though. It’s the next rung in their ladder of community involvement. The 15 packs feature a rotating showcase of nonprofit partners that are involved in the initiative. Rhinegeist has even put together a new website that showcases the partners that they’re working with.

Going forward, you’ll start seeing events, too. From pint nights to donations, volunteer efforts, emergency relief, DEI initiatives, event partnerships, and other community-based endeavors across their entire distribution footprint. This is going to be a BIG effort.

Kicking It All Off

To celebrate the launch of this new beer, and the program that it supports, the brewery is throwing a big event in its taproom. From 12-6 pm on 2/26 they’ll be introducing this beer in a big way. They’re inviting some of their best friends in the neighborhood (local non-profits) over to the brewery to showcase the wonderful people in their communities that literally make it all work.

Of course, the brewery will have plenty of the new beer on tap for you to try – and they’re hosting a wild pop-up roller rink in the taproom (I don’t think I’ve ever seen that in a taproom before…)

This is gonna be awesome!

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