The Roosevelt Room

7500 Bales Street #A-104, Liberty Township

The suburbs aren’t always known for great cocktail bars. Typically we expect places that are designed for families during the day, with a bar tucked in the corner… it’s not a celebration of the drinks themselves, the way that a “downtown bar” might be. The Roosevelt Room is certainly not your typical suburban bar, though.

4EG opened up The Roosevelt Room in 2017 as the first bar only concept in Liberty Center (the big mixed use development in Liberty Township, Ohio) and they did it the way that they knew how. They just made a great bar. They didn’t fall into the trap of trying to fit into a stereotypical space that you’d think a bar in that area might be like.

Which takes us right where we should start things: What’s The Roosevelt Room like?

The Moose

The entire theme of the bar circles around Teddy Roosevelt. You’ll see his portrait on the wall, dark wallpaper, deep, rich wood tones and little touches around every corner that as you read more about the 26th President of the United States. In fact – in the back of the room there’s a big moose head hanging the wall (Roosevelt’s nickname was Moose, and he even started his own political party called the Bull Moose party)… it’s a perfect example of these touches that you’ll find if you start looking.

The bar sits along the long right wall of the space – with an amazing touch of a rounded end to the bar that perfectly provides a natural space to encourage conversation amongst strangers. Across the room are tables for groups to sit and have their “own spaces” and a pool table sits in the center of the space.

If I could describe the vibe of the space – I’d do it by telling you that it feels like bellying up to the bar in a library in an old house. It’s all perfect – and the ideal space for quiet conversations and a stiff drink.

The Cocktails

You can certainly grab a beer or a glass of wine at The Roosevelt Room, but that’s not really where the space makes you want to lean. When you open up the cocktail menu, you find a list of drinks that all pull inspiration from the theme. Whiskey forward riffs on the classics, Smoky Mezcal, bright, strong, spirit forward cocktails… this is my type of cocktail list.

Everything makes perfect sense with the theme – which all to often these days can feel like a rarity.

My Final Thoughts

If I have one complaint about the bar – it’s that when you arrive on a busy night – the music gets cranking. This is a bar that in the early evening feels perfect. If a space could be a warm hug, that’s how I’d describe the bar. But in the evening it starts to feel a little confused – which I think is a product of the lack of late night bars in the area. It needs a space nearby that can provide loud music and dancing for those who are looking for it, to allow the Roosevelt Room to carry it’s low-key vibe well into the late night.

This is an excellent space, and one that is so good – that it doesn’t make sense that it exists in Liberty Township. It’s a clear sign to anyone who is paying attention that they need to explore some of the other stuff that is happening around the area.

I’d feel great taking any bar geek – cocktail nerd – or person looking for a perfect experience here. The Roosevelt Room provides a very welcome respite for a drinker in the suburbs!

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