If you’re a longtime listener of Cincy Brewcast, you know that we have always loved having Michael Amann on to talk about Adena Distributing, and just to give us a very different perspective on craft beer than we might have. The outlook on everything from inside the distributor’s perspective is one that has made this show better by having him as a guest. Because of that, I was a little shocked when I started hearing rumors that Adena was going away – what better way to figure it all out than sitting down for a new episode?

Michael and I sat down over a few beers, and talked about a LOT, not just the future of Adena. I think you’re going to like this one!

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Guests This Episode

  • Michael Amann – Adena Distribution

From The Beer Fridge

  • Listermann – Hop Head
  • RAR Brewing – Out of Order, Stone Age Rocks
  • Mason Ale Works – End To End Burners
  • Wooden Cask – Chocolate Caliente

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