It’s been a long time coming, and after teasing for what feels like forever, DogBerry’s new kitchen partner officially opens their doors today. Boom Box Sliders is going to change the game for the DogBerry taproom, and I don’t think that I could possibly be any more excited than I am!

Full disclosure, DogBerry is a client of mine, and we work together in the business side of my life – but that doesn’t change the way that I write about them, or showcase them on this website or any of my social media platforms – but you should know it!

About The New Menu

Boom Box Sliders is an 80s music-themed slider restaurant, run by chef Stephen Spyrou (if you’ve seen the Twisted Greek food truck around town… you know how great this dude’s food is. The new slider menu is the type of menu that satisfies two different sides of what you’re looking for in a taproom food option. While it’s definitely designed for you to show up and grab a meal, the slider concept is also perfect if you find yourself in the taproom knocking back a few beers and are just looking for something quick and easy to snack on, too.

Some of the slider highlights that you’ll want to know about before you go:

  • The Rick Roll – this is a classic waygu blend burger – boom box sauce, cheese, onions, and pickles.
  • The Wild Thing – an amazing little crispy chicken slider, Nashville hot sauce, boom box sauce, slaw, and pickles
  • Brass Monkey – a crowd favorite, a cheddar bacon brat, candied jalapeño relish, bbq, haystack onion.
  • Sweet Dreams – breaded mozzarella, oven-roasted tomato, balsamic reduction, basil aioli.

That’s not it, though… they also have a bunch of snacks that are perfect for… well, snacking while you drink.

  • All Night Long – baked pretzel w/ beer cheese and whole grain mustard.
  • It’s Tricky – beer-battered pickles with boom box sauce
  • With Or Without You – fried cheese pizza bites, ranch powder, boom box sauce, bacon, tomato, onion, banana peppers.

This just scratches the surface… there’s a ton of other stuff on the menu that you’re definitely going to want to try for yourself.

The Growth of DogBerry

The last time we stopped out at DogBerry for Cincy Brewcast, Tony (owner, brewer… you know the guy by now, right?) let us know about all of this coming for the brewery. They opened back in 2015 and have been slowly growing into what you see today. Starting with a 1bbl brewhouse in a really small taproom over on Cin-Day rd it would be hard back then to imagine what they look like today.

Not only is the kitchen a massive step for them, but it also brings with it menu growth. Not only can you hang out in the taproom and sip on great beer, but they also now have a full lineup of wine and canned cocktails available, too.

All of it opens up the door for even more people to find their way into DogBerry as their spot. DogBerry has always been a neighborhood brewery, but expanding what they offer cements that even more for all of the folks in the area that might not want just beer – or that might want something to eat alongside what they drink.

The future looks bright for DogBerry, and I think that they’ll continue to do a great job at trying to evolve slowly and surely without sacrificing what they love about the industry.

Getting Your Slider Fix

Today’s the first official day – Boom Box Sliders opens up tonight (April, 14th) from 3pm-8pm. Going forward you’ll be able to get your slider fix Wednesdays 3-8, Fridays 3-8 and Saturdays 1-8. Their hours will continue to grow, also over time as they ease into things.

If you want more information about Boom Box Sliders, make sure you hit them up on their website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

For the latest news and information about DogBerry Brewing, you can always read about them here on the website. For even more, make sure that you’re following them on their website, on Facebook, or over on Instagram.

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