As you head to New Riff in the near future, you’re going to start seeing a lot of big changes to the distillery, as they get ready to invest $3 million into a big renovation of the distillery’s public areas – including a big focus on the first-floor gift shop space and the ever favorite third-floor event space which will become the new home for the Aquifer, their tasting and cocktail bar.

Don’t stress too much, though. Even with this new big renovation, they’ll make sure that things stay open to visitors throughout the massive project.

Why Renovate?

It doesn’t seem like it, but the distillery has been open 9 years already. In that time that they’ve been open they’ve just kept growing in popularity and the folks that keep showing up are looking for more and more ways to share the experience.

In short, this means that demand for their tours, their tastings, and their events (including just hanging out and having a drink at The Aquifer) keeps growing every year. Simply put, they just keep outgrowing their spaces.

This new renovation is a way to create comfortable, inviting spaces that foster conversation, education, or just simply enjoy the products that we all keep falling in love with.

What You Can Expect

When you walk in the front door, you’ll see an all-new welcome station and pre-tour waiting area at the distillery. Along with the new welcome station, you’ll see a new gift and bottle shop. This new space is an excellent spot to pick up your bottle of New Riff and also to get your bottles etched for special occasions.

The distillery also has an expertly curated collection of barware, home goods, and all kinds of other fun finds to make shopping for your next gifts a lot easier.

As for the Aquifer, which was previously nestled in the middle of the first-floor space, will be moving up to the third floor. This space is not just spacious, but features an awesome rooftop patio and great views of the Cincinnati skyline, too. It’s a great space to enjoy a cocktail or just a neat pour of your favorite spirits.

They’re also creating a new reservable private room that will be available for community gatherings.

When You Can Expect The Changes

Renovations are scheduled to begin in April, with the Aquifer moving upstairs in the summer and fall until renovations begin there in July. You can expect that the first-floor changes will be finished in the late summer and the third-floor changes by the year’s end.

I love watching this place grow and evolve, and can’t wait to see this come to life!

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