It’s part of who they are, MadTree, the act of giving back. From the very beginning, they’ve always looked for ways to contribute to their neighborhood, their friends, the bigger community, and even to the planet. It’s not a surprise knowing that, then to hear that for the second year in a row, they are throwing ‘One Big Party’ to celebrate their local non-profit partnerships.

About The Event

The party is going to be held this year in the MadTree taproom in Oakley on Saturday, April 29th from 10 am-4 pm. It’s not just an excuse to hang out and drink some great beer, though. (I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t part of it, at all…) It’s really a way to circle back to their core values.

They’re doing a ‘One Good Volunteer’ event that morning to kick things off from 9 am – 10 am to encourage folks to help out by cleaning up around the Oakley community.

At 10:30, then, things really start to kick off in the taproom with ‘One Good Competition’ where two teams will compete for bragging rights (and prizes) in events like sack racing, recycled water bottle bowling, and more.

I Did Mention Beer…

While it might not be just about beer – obviously beer plays a big role – this is MadTree, after all. In fact, they brewed four different beers with four different local non-profits, all who happen to be a part of the 1% for the planet network. This is the program that inspired MadTree to join and donate 1% of all of it’s sales to support the work of places just like these four:

  • Cincinnati Zoo
  • Adventure Crew
  • Cincinnati Parks Foundation
  • Groundwork ORV

The non-profits will each have their own booths with fun, family-friendly activities like “tortoise twister” (with real tortoises from the Cincinnati Zoo), a sustainAGILITY course, ring toss, magnet fishing and more.

New Sway Flavors

In additon to all the fun, MadTree has been working their butts off with their Sway line of canned cocktails, and are going to debut four new varieties during the event too. They’ll be part of a new Pool Party variety pack for the summer and you can be among the first to try them at the party. Afterwards, you’ll be able to get the variety pack in stores by 5/8/23.

All in all, this is a great chance to not only get out to MadTree and have a few drinks, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate the other side of craft beer. It’s not just about whats in your glass, there are much bigger things at play (or should be) and when we see breweries like MadTree that are working just as hard on the other stuff as they are the business of making beer, it’s worthy of raising a glass from time to time and toasting that!

For all of the latest MadTree news and information, you know you can always read about them right here on the blog. I can’t encourage you enough, though to visit them on their website, as well as follow them on Facebook and Instagram, too!

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