What a journey these folks have had so far… from opening a planned distribution-only brewery two months before a global pandemic to where they are today, there’s been a lot for NEW Ales. They are finally catching their collective breath and opening the taproom that they envisioned for themselves “one day” back when they were planning their brewery – and I couldn’t be happier for them.

We sat down in the new space to talk about what it means for them and when we can all expect to belly up to the bar for the first time! We even got to talk to their incredible food partner that will occupy the space next door – you won’t want to skip this episode!

From The Beer Fridge

  • Currently Unnamed Dark Lager
  • Hop Chowda – NE IPA
  • Smack My Berries and Call Me Cobbler – Berry Cobbler Sour

Guests This Episode

  • Wes Heupel – NEW Ales
  • Beth O’Harra – NEW Ales
  • Jeremy Loukinas – Steel City Pizza

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