Oh, boy. This is one of those days. I’m stressed and beat up from battling more technical difficulties on the podcast side of my life. I’m grumpy. When you boil it all down, though – that’s why this show exists. It’s an excuse to drink together and enjoy a few minutes of sanity in an otherwise “not so much” life. With all of that being said, this week, we tackled a few big topics:

  • We talked about the upcoming grand opening of Fabled Brew Works and their extensive hopeful tap list.
  • Founders announced they were closing their Detroit taproom, which is convenient after another racial discrimination lawsuit…
  • Bhramari also announced they were closing… which I don’t feel nearly as “ok” about.
  • Warped Wing is changing Ermal’s from a Belgian Cream Ale to a Hefeweizen – which on the one hand, makes me happy because I love Hefeweizens, on the other – though… makes me feel a little weird.
  • Finally – We had to talk about HiWire’s new Speakeasy Tiki Bar in their original South Slope location in Asheville. It starts a good thought about how breweries expand and offer new ideas and experiences without sacrificing their old personality. I also wouldn’t hate if this came to Cincinnati’s taproom at some point. I love a good tiki bar.

Huge, huge thanks to everyone who hangs out and listens to this show! If you’re new to the podcast, know that this show really shines as it was meant to be… live! Tune in every Monday night on Facebook and YouTube to get the full experience – and share it with your friends!

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