Logo’s Sports Bar & Grill

8594 Blue Ash Rd, Blue Ash Ohio

I like to imagine that a long time ago, a sports bar and a neighborhood bar met and had a baby bar – that baby bar grew up to become Logos. I don’t actually think that’s the way these things happen, but that’s what I like to imagine when I belly up at the bar.

This is a strange in-between type of bar. I don’t mean that in a bad way, either. I can imagine that, at some times, this is the type of low-key place where I would be more than happy to bring my family for a cheap meal and watch a game simultaneously. On the other hand, It’s also the type of place where you might get a rowdy drunk or two who argue about the same game. The problem is that I don’t know how to figure out which type of experience you are walking into.

What To Expect At Logo’s Sports Bar and Grill

Logos isn’t the type of place that jumps out at you as you drive by. Situated in Blue Ash in a nondescript building that also houses some sort of auto repair place – it’s easy to miss. Walking in, you round a corner and enter a dark, wood-paneled space with a massive four-sided bar in the middle of the room. When you glance around through a particular lens, it screams neighborhood bar. That can be echoed as you sit down and realize that many regulars are seated with you. This is the local spot for many folks who live within walking distance and enjoy having a place they can call their own.

When you glance at the space through a different lens, you get a different picture of Logos. There are a ton of dining tables scattered around the space, and the upper part of the walls and bar are covered with plenty of TVs playing every sport imaginable. The kitchen is pushing out bar food that is cheap but surprisingly tasty (I’ve tried a few different things on each visit and have always enjoyed what I ordered.)

That’s what I mean when I talk about this double identity that the bar has.

What Are You Drinking?

A bar like this really shines in this regard. You walk into some bars and struggle to figure out what you should order if you aren’t familiar with the space. I don’t think anything (other than craft cocktails) would be out of place if you ordered it here. They have a small but fresh selection of national and local craft beers. Cheap domestic macro lager is plentiful, and Jagermeister shots are commonplace.

No matter what makes you feel at home at a bar… I think you’re going to like this place.

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