The Vogue

8441 Vine Street, Hartwell Ohio

If you’ve been following along, you probably know by now that I’m a sucker for a warm, inviting, and friendly bar that lacks pretentiousness. We’re fortunate here in Cincinnati to have a lot of bars that fit that description. I’ve been hearing about The Vogue for years and finally made a few trips out this spring to see if it lives up to the hype in my circles.

What To Expect

The Vogue is old school, and I mean that in a really good way. The sign says that they’ve been around since 1925, and it 100% feels like it. Think of it like a timewarp that you can belly up to and have a drink.

It’s the type of place that, while I’m sure they can whip up a tasty cocktail, I’m certainly ordering something different. I’m going with an ice-cold bottle of beer and a bag of chips and starting a conversation with whatever folks happen to be sharing the bar with me.

When people like me talk about bars staffed by friendly folks, it’s hard to find a better example in my experience than the Vogue. Every time I’ve stopped in, I’ve been blown away by people who immediately make me feel at home. That builds a culture in the bar that trickles down to the regulars too. It’s the type of place where you won’t be surprised if someone buys you a round just because they are happy to see you.

You’ll find genuine conversation, genuine folks, and reasonably priced drinks.

The Bar

Walking into the Vogue, you enter the main room through the front door. Five or six high-top tables are scattered throughout the space, and a big wooden bar is along the right wall. The back of the building has more room to sit at a table and a pool table to pass the time when you’re hanging out with a few friends.

Behind the bar is a modest liquor selection. It’s not a cocktail bar or a bourbon bar by any stretch. This is beer and a shot territory. While you shouldn’t expect to snag dinner while you’re at the Vogue, you will be happy to see some snacks available, along with cheap frozen pizza options if the urge strikes you.

Out back is a deck for those of you who might like to sneak in a cigarette or two or for any folks who want a bit of a fresh breeze and a drink after a long work day.

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