Cartridge Keeps Evolving!

It’s not always easy to get down the hill to Cartridge Brewing Company – the bridge across the river is in the middle of construction (which, when it’s done, will be great), and access to the brewery has been known to switch back and forth with which road you have to use to access the brewery.

It’s been a massive headache for the brewery and all of us who want to enjoy their beer.

Things might be getting a little bit easier for us, though, as the brewery announced last month that they were signing on with Heidelberg Distributing to help get their beer out into more places than they’ve been able to.

The New Distribution Deal

The brewery, which was purchased in December by Saucy Brew Works out of Cleveland, has been working hard to keep expanding its footprint and to find ways to ensure seamless distribution here in its local market. This deal with Heidelberg should help them accomplish that goal.

It shouldn’t come as a huge shock to anyone – as Saucy has had a longstanding relationship with the distributor over the last few years – but it should definitely start getting folks who enjoy Cartridge a little more excited about their continued growth.

It continues to be harder and harder for brands to get in front of customers as the beer market continues to evolve and become more crowded with new brands. Heidelberg has been around for more than 85 years and knows their end of the game well enough to hopefully do just that.

The New Can Art

When the brewery released the news of this new partnership last month, something else caught my eye. The press release featured cans with a new look to them than what we’ve seen so far from Cartridge. This new streamlined look is a bold, and beautiful way to showcase their brand to new customers as they grow.

Cartridge showed us our first look at the cans this week, as they posted to social media a run of cans coming off the line. In the post, they gave us a little more insight into the new design that I had to share with you.

The post reads:

These new label designs connect the core of our brand to our Ohio pride. The contour of the state forms a picturesque valley, mirroring the scenic landscapes that surrounds us. In nod to the soul of who we are, the iconic Cartridge Brewing circle logo remains at the forefront, proudly representing our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Within the emblem, the historic Peters Cartridge Factory icon symbolizes our roots and the rich history that propels us forward. Adorning the top of the emblem are the crafted leaves that pays homage to the city’s flag, as we’re forever grateful for the support of our community and the city of Cincinnati. 

I love it. I’ve been a champion for Cartridge since they opened their doors, and have loved watching the beer continually surpass my expectations. I love a brewery that understands the past of its location, and of the craft beer community, while also finding ways to pay homage to that while still being relevant in the modern age of craft beer. I think that we’re going to be seeing these folks around for a long time.

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