It’s Back! Seltzer Smash Returns: Fizzhead’s Celebrate!

No other places in town have absolutely owned the Seltzer game in the way March First has done with their ‘Astra’ seltzer. Not content in releasing clever new flavors like their latest, ‘Pineapple Whip,’ the brewery throws a massive event every year called ‘Seltzer Smash.’ This is an excuse not only to showcase the best of Astra (and some fun new experimental flavors) but to bring in some of their friends that are cranking out some tasty seltzers, too.

If you’re what I lovingly call a ‘fizzhead’ – or a big fan of seltzer – you won’t want to miss this event!

All About The Event

Seltzer Smash goes down this Saturday, June 17th, from 11:30 am to Midnight. The March First taproom will be transformed into a beautiful sea of seltzer happiness. They’re even closing down the parking lot to create a little more space for all of us to spread out and sip away (with that being said: make sure that you park either across the street at Kemper Point or around the corner on Goldcoast Dr.

As for tickets, it’s a pretty easy setup. You can head over to right now to snag a ticket for $30, which includes a souvenir-tasting glass and 10 seltzer-tasting tickets. This only goes through tomorrow, though. Ticket prices go up tomorrow, 6/16, and will be available at the door for $40. The taproom will also be open and operating as usual during the event. The tickets are only needed for the seltzer samples.

The event is a ton of fun, even if you’re one of those folks who don’t really love seltzer. It’s fun to try a few and then have a beer or a cocktail, also. The brewery loves throwing the event because it lets them play around a little bit. There are always a ton of fun ideas they have for the Astra line, and this is the one time of year they get the real chance just to let loose and try some wild stuff.

This brings us to…

What Are You Gonna Be Drinking?

As for what “DjaDrinkin” at Seltzer Smash, you’ll have plenty to choose from. There will be 16 different flavors of Astra to sip away on, alongside six different guest seltzers from Humble Monk, Rhinegeist, Sonder, Municipal, Warped Wing, and Swine City.

Ok… I get it. You want it all.

From March First:

  • Astra Paw Paw Smoothie
  • Astra Pineapple Whip
  • Astra Spicy Pickle
  • Astra Fruit Punch
  • Astra Tigers Blood
  • Astra Funfetti
  • Astra Funnel Cake
  • Astra Blood Orange Mule
  • Astra Watermelon Blow Pop
  • Astra Fight Claw: Mango (14% ABV)
  • Astra Lemon Drop
  • Astra Peach Rings
  • Astra Burst
  • Astra Tart
  • Astra Bomb Pop
  • Astra Riviera Razz

The Guest Seltzers

  • Humble Monk – POG
  • Rhinegeist – Geist Tea
  • Sonder – Berry Mojito
  • Municipal Brew Works – POG
  • Warped Wing – Lime Ginger
  • Swine City – Chocolate Cherry

The Rest Of The Event

You can’t throw an event on bubbly booze alone, can you? In addition to the festival, the event will feature live music by local artists DJ Casper, Victorious Kaybirds, Hot Wired, and Alter Ego. The full music schedule is available over on the March First website, but you’ll be happy to hear that they’ll keep things rocking all day long (from noon until 9 pm).

It’s gonna be awesome.

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