Remington Tavern

8892 Glendale Milford Rd, Loveland

Dive Score: 80 (What’s This?)

Most of the time, when I check out a new bar for the first time, I don’t do any research in advance to ensure that my first impressions are 100% mine. I’ll be honest, too… when I headed to the Remington Tavern, I thought it would be a little rough around the edges.

I was way wrong. Remington Tavern caught me off guard with that. The place is fantastic, well-run, and extremely comfortable.

What To Expect When You Visit

Located just outside Montgomery, in Loveland, Remington Tavern is a neighborhood bar that fills up with locals daily. When you walk in, you aren’t treated like you don’t belong, though – with every visit I’ve made, I’ve felt like this was my spot and that I had been coming there for years. This is hard to capture in some bars, because it isn’t something that ownership can force to happen – it’s all about the folks bellied up beside you.

The bar is in a small building right on Glendale Milford Rd. There’s a small front room, a back “game area” with a pool table, darts, and Golden Tee, and a newly renovated outside patio space out back.

Newly renovated seems to be the name of the game, here. I believe that the bar just took on new ownership in 2021, and it shows that someone has been putting a lot of love into the place with a conscious effort to keep the bar’s soul alive and well.

What Are You Drinking?

This is a neighborhood bar. Most of the folks around you will be working their way through a bottle of light lager, maybe sipping their favorite booze or downing a simple shot of something. That’s not all that this place is about, though. When you start peeking at their cooler, you’ll see they keep a small but constantly rotating selection of local craft beer.

It’s just one of the many little surprises that makes me keep coming back to Remington Tavern.

Fitting In As Times Change

There’s a sad thing that I’ve seen happen over recent years – especially coming out of Covid. It’s easy to want to go in and renovate a bar that has struggled or seems “dated.” I will never argue that keeping things up-to-date and nice are not valid improvements for a bar.

Something happens with some of these bars, though, and that’s a stripping of who they were. Homogenous, dull, grey, lackluster bars are becoming too familiar. I love watching when a place like Remington Tavern keeps growing, modernizing just enough, and yet finding ways to keep their “charm” thriving as they do.

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