I’ve been on a little journey lately behind the scenes. If you’ve been hanging out around this website for a little while, you probably have gathered that I really like Cincinnati craft beer. I drink a lot of Cincinnati craft beer. Local craft beer is incredible (some of the absolute best, in my opinion) – but that doesn’t mean that that is all that is out there.

Why I’m Paying Attention To Belgian Beer

I was inspired a little while back after a trip over to Taste of Belgium to take a little dive into a family of beers that, admittedly, I haven’t paid very much attention to over the last decade.

It’s been way more fun than I could have anticipated and also has got my brain kicking into overdrive about Belgian beers. Some of the things I’ve had in my glass during this short journey are immediate time capsules, reminding me of my early craft beer journey. Other things have turned my thoughts and expectations about Belgian beer upside down.

This trip into Belgian beers has shaken up my normal drinking habits in all the right places and at all the right times. Beers that I’m unfamiliar with, breweries that I have never heard any of my craft beer friends talking about, and flavors that are nothing like most of the styles that fill my fridges on any given week are becoming the norm. This ability for beer to keep things exciting is part of what made me fall in love with craft beer in the beginning, and certainly one of the things that keeps me enjoying it today.

That brings me to an upcoming event that I’m getting really excited to check out, and wanted to make sure you knew about, as well.

Taste Of Belgium And Chimay

Taste of Belgium is the only place I’ve ever heard of outside the Chimay brewery, where you can snag a flight of all four of Chimay’s Trappist ales. You can walk in on a regular day and snag Dorée, Cinq Cents, Première and Grande Réserve and explore your way through the lineup. You should, too. It’s fantastic.

But they’re kicking things up a notch or two on October 4th with a beer dinner at their Kenwood location that you’re definitely not going to want to miss. Making it’s debut is the new Cent Cinquante (Chimay Green) which was brewed for the 150th anniversary of the abbey.

The dinner starts at 6:30 with a beer hour serving Chimay Gold and works its way into passed appetizers.

  • Crostini with Brie and Fig Jam
  • Mini Meatballs and Sirop de Liège
  • Paired with Chimay Red

The next course is seated appetizers:

  • Belgian Beer Cheese
  • House-made Pretzels
  • Paired up with Chimay White

Course Three is the Entree

  • Carbonnades, Chimay Red Beef Stew Frites and House Salad
  • Mussels – Marinière a la Chimay Blue
  • House Black Bean or Beyond Burger
  • This course is paired up with Chimay Green

Dessert rounds things out for the evening.

  • Pumpkin Waffle
  • Paired up with Chimay Blue

That’s Not All…

The dinner itself looks like it will be excellent (and if you’ve ever eaten at Taste of Belgium, you know it will) – but in addition to the stellar menu, they’ll also have a special guest on hand. Luc “Bobo” Van Mechelen, Chimay’s Brand Ambassador for nearly two decades will be on hand.

Let this be the excuse you need to take a journey that if you’re anything like me – you’re going to really enjoy. You can get your tickets over on Taste of Belgium’s Open Table page (you can find it under “experiences”) and make sure that you’re always following them on Facebook and Instagram for the latest information about fun events. Of course… there’s always their website as well!

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