Why do some breweries get a lot of hype when they open their doors? Why do some beers get people talking and others don’t? What do craft beer drinkers really want these days? This episode tries to answer the questions and more as I sat down with Jason Brewer and Zac Boehnke from Wandering Monsters.

We talk about how their roads ended up to where they are today, we drink a few beers, and get a little off track quite a few times. It’s what I consider a great episode of the Brewcast!

Guests This Episode

  • Jason Brewer – Founder – Wandering Monsters
  • Zac Boehnke – Head Brewer – Wandering Monsters

From The Beer Fridge

  • Wandering Monsters – Bossie
  • Wandering Monsters – Mayor Mooken
  • Wandering Monsters – Fogbringer III
  • Wandering Monsters – Untitled Monsters (Collaboration with Untitled Art)

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