As we head into Streetside’s anniversary week, it seemed like a great chance to sit down with Garrett Hickey. Garrett is one of the owners, founders and a great person to talk to if we want to get a picture of how things have changed with the brewery over the last seven years.

I’m always fascinated with how Streetside has developed its personality, even while a few different head brewers have managed to put their own spin on things during the same timeframe.

We talked about a lot of things, from the brewery’s stance on collaboration and why it’s important from a professional and a personal level to what we think craft beer drinkers are looking for in 2023.

Of course… you know that we also opened up a few beers while we chatted!

Guests This Episode

  • Garrett Hickey – Streetside Brewery

From The Beer Fridge

  • Streetside Brewery – Rainy Day Clubhouse
  • Streetside Brewery – On The Cloud of Unknowing
  • Streetside Brewery – Tame The Demons, Single Barrel
  • Streetside Brewery – Tame The Demons, Apple Funnel Cake

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