On this week’s episode of The Weekly Pint, we talk about RShea brewing company – and while I fully understand that they AREN’T a Cincinnati Brewery, their recent “Town Hall Meeting” and subsequent GoFundMe is undoubtedly something that we should be paying attention to. Craft beer is more complicated now than ever, making for some relevant conversations.

It seems that I have spent more time lately struggling to stay caught up on all the stuff that needs to be done – and that makes this show more important to me than ever. It gives me a chance to recoup a little bit and kick the week off the right way – with a beer in my hand with you!

The Weekly Pint is more than a live show that airs on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter every Monday evening around 9:30 pm – it’s a happy hour where we all get together over a drink and talk about life. Sure, we talk about Cincinnati Beer news, crazy regional and national booze news, and big things that are happening in the world – but at its core, it’s an excuse to hang out with friends.

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