Urban Artifact Is Finding Their Place In The Booze Free World

By: The Gnarly Gnome
Photos: Provided By Urban Artifact

There are plenty of reasons why a person would want to find a beverage that doesn’t have alcohol in it when they’re “out and about.” These reasons vary from person to person, from the very personal to just a mood where you don’t want to imbibe. Hopefully, our local bars, breweries, and distilleries aren’t here to judge a person’s reasons for not imbibing and even more. Hopefully, they are working on more ways to include those folks when they do find themselves in their establishments.

Urban Artifact clearly gets it, and their new product aims to please the folks who want to have a piece of Urban’s incredible fruit tarts while maybe cutting back on how much alcohol they are putting into their body.

Meet ‘Seedless’

What’s A Fruit Tart?

Maybe we should start here before we get too far into the weeds. Fruit Tarts are an evolution of the beers that Urban Artifact produces. When they opened their doors in 2015, they made a lot of waves with local beer geeks as the first brewery in town to focus 100% on sour and wild beers. It wasn’t until they released their ‘Sour Berry Bomb’ called Gadget in the summer of 2016 that they started to discover out who they really were.

They were a fruit brewery.

That beer defined a new style of overfruited sours that the brewery called Midwest Fruit Tarts. It later spun off into American Fruit Tarts, Double Fruit Tarts, and other fruited beers. Eventually, the brewery, when looking at their portfolio, made the clever discovery that they didn’t even think they were making beer anymore – they were defining their role in this industry – they made Fruit Tarts, not beer.

To put it simply… A fruit tart is a beverage loaded with real fruit that toes the line between wine and beer. Loaded with flavor, they’re refreshing and insanely delicious.

Enter The Seedless Non-Alcoholic Fruit Tart

Folks have often made jokes that Urban Artifact has long used more fruit in their drinks than actual juice manufacturers do these days and that the brewery should make their own line of juice because what they do is so good. This is kind of like that. There are a few defining characteristics that make a Seedless N/A Fruit Tart, though:

    1. Crafted With Real Fruit. This is true for all that they do, but Urban Artifact has drawn upon their experience in making their current beers fruit tarts with Seedless. Every can is crafted with only the finest natural ingredients to ensure authentic and vibrant flavor profiles.
    1. Non-Alcohlic Excellence. Urban wants to ensure that Seedless provides the exceptional taste that its consumers have come to expect in a beverage that doesn’t have alcohol.
    1. Naturally Invigorating. Seedless strikes a balance between sweetness and tart fruit flavor, delivering a refreshingly vibrant and palate-pleasing experience.
    1. No artificial additives. Urban Artifact maintains its dedication to natural ingredients. Aligning with their mission to offer healthier choices, Seedless is free from artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. The color and flavor in each can is always real fruit.

Why You Should Care

Non-alcoholic beer is on the rise. Non-alcoholic beverages are always dominant in a world where, despite what we want – we can’t drink booze all day, every day. Finding new ways for our local breweries to produce something that we will buy when we want something that isn’t beer is something I’ve been desperate for for years.

I would love to take every dollar that I’m spending on non-alcoholic beverages and send it right into a local spot here in town.

This move by Urban Artifact (and some of the other local places that are producing fun n/a options) is something that I hope and feel that we’ll see a lot more of in the coming years. What I love so much about what Urban, in particular, is doing is that it’s so on-brand for them. You see the product, and it just makes sense. You laugh and say to your self “of course”. That’s a sign of a great product or innovation from someone, in my opinion.

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