After a long season, with 35 different packaged Oktoberfest beers battling it out to see who is the best this year… we’re finally there.  The finals were recorded live at MadTree Brewing Company (last year’s winners), and it was a really, really tough decision.  The decision was so difficult that I had to call on help from Marco and Julia from Truth, Beer, Podsequences to help me judge – AND had to get help from DIPA Josh to make sure that the contest was all on the up and up by helping us with the pouring.

In the end, though, as always – there could be only one winner, and this year Sonder took home the Golden Gnome as the first-ever double-winner of the contest.

It was fun, it was chaotic… it was a good episode!  Enjoy!

Guests This Episode

  • Marco Penilla – Truth, Beer Podsequences
  • Julia Rohs – Truth, Beer Podsequences

Special Appearances By:

  • Danny Herold – Sonder Brewing Company
  • Caroline Ludwig – Craft Parenting Pod
  • Joe Ludwig – Craft Parenting Pod
  • DIPA Josh – He does drink other beers that aren’t DIPAs

From The Beer Fridge

In order of this year’s final results!

  1. Sonder – Oktoberfest
  2. Wandering Monsters – Ludwig Festbier
  3. Braxton – Oktoberfuel
  4. MadTree – Ziegler
  5. Third Eye – Drittes Auge Festbier

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