On this week’s episode, we head down to Alexandria, Kentucky, to head to (you guessed it) Alexandria Brewing Company. I sat down with owner and brewer Andy Reynolds to chat and have a few beers.

We kicked things off with one of the most unique slow pours that I’ve ever had, as well as a discussion about what exactly a slow pour is and what this take is supposed to accomplish for a beer drinker looking to try something a little different.

We talked about Alexandria finding their role in an ever-changing world of craft beer and finding the right ways to do what they do while listening to the drinkers who show up to enjoy their beer.

I love this place, I love Andy – and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for craft beer drinkers like me!

Guests This Episode

  • Andy Reynolds – Alexandria Brewing Company

From The Beer Fridge

  • Alexandria Brewing Company – Eternal Fury, The Wrath Within, Scorched By The Fire That Sent Me
  • Alexandria Brewing Company – T-Ball Dunkel
  • Alexandria Brewing Company – Garden of Heaton
  • Alexandria Brewing Company – Eon Pale Apocalypse

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