It always seems to feel this way with new brewery projects – but BC’s Brewing Company feels like they’ve been in planning forever. I know that if it feels like that for me, it has to feel like a lifetime to the folks that are working their butts of to make it happen! If that doesn’t sound like a good opportunity to sit down for an episode of Cincy Brewcast, I’m not sure what does!

I was joined at BCs over in Liberty Township by Brian, Caleb, and Ryan (their new head brewer) to talk about how things are going at their new brewery in Mason. We talk about the journey to get here and if they would do anything different if they could travel back in time. We also explore a little bit what we think attracts people to their favorite watering holes and how that’s changing (or how it has changed) in today’s craft beer world.

This is a great episode – and I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed making it! If you like what I do here (or anywhere I’m creating content) you can support over here – but the biggest help is if you share the show with a friend or someone that you think would enjoy it!

Guests This Episode

  • Brian Brownlow – BC’s Brewing Company
  • Caleb Colbert – BC’s Brewing Company
  • Ryan Johnston – BC’s Brewing Company

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