With a trip to Columbus in the rearview mirror, there are more than a few things to talk about on this week’s episode. I took a spin through ALL our stops while we were out of town and gave you the highlights (and lowlights of each one).

Since it’s been a few weeks, we had a nice selection of beer label approvals to cover—and there were some goodies in the mix!

The live viewers selected a mystery beer out of the beer fridge, and I ended up with an absolutely great pint of Urban Artifact’s Papaya Passionfruit Green Tea Fruit Tart.

The Weekly Pint is more than a live show that airs on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter every Monday evening around 9:30 p.m—it’s a happy hour where we all get together over a drink and talk about life. Sure, we talk about Cincinnati Beer news, crazy regional and national booze news, and big things that are happening in the world—but at its core, it’s an excuse to hang out with friends.

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