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If you’ve been keeping an eye on the rum scene, you’ll know that Coconut Cartel is no stranger to pushing boundaries. Founded by the dynamic sibling duo Dani and Mike Zig, Coconut Cartel has just upped the ante once again with the launch of their first-ever white rum blend, Coconut Cartel Blanco. This is no ordinary white rum; it’s a blend that promises to redefine your expectations, thanks to their unique process of proofing with fresh coconut water. Let’s dive into what makes Coconut Cartel Blanco a game-changer in the world of white rum.

A Tribute to Latin American Agriculture

Crafted in the heart of the Dominican Republic, Coconut Cartel Blanco is a testament to the rich agricultural traditions of Latin America. The rum is made from 100 percent estate-grown sugarcane juice, ensuring that you’re tasting the pure essence of the region with every sip. Unlike many other rums on the market, Coconut Cartel Blanco has no added sugars or artificial flavorings. It’s all about purity and authenticity here.

The Unique Proofing Process

What sets Coconut Cartel Blanco apart is its proofing process. The Zig siblings have perfected the art of cutting their rum to proof with fresh coconut water sourced from Brazilian Green Dwarf coconuts. This isn’t just a gimmick; the coconut water imparts a rich, smooth profile to the rum, mitigating the harsh bitterness often associated with high-proof spirits. The result is a bold yet exceptionally smooth rum that’s approachable for both seasoned rum aficionados and curious newcomers.

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A Symphony of Flavors

Coconut Cartel Blanco is a sensory delight. On the nose, you’ll find complex aromas of fresh cane, white pepper, and tropical fruits like unripe banana and dried pineapple. When it hits your palate, you’ll experience a distinct minerality that leads to a clean, crisp finish. With a proof of 92 (46 percent ABV), this white rum is versatile enough to be the star in tropical cocktails like the classic Daiquiri, yet sophisticated enough to be enjoyed neat.

The Inspiration Behind the Blend

Dani Zig, the co-founder, shares, “I’m captivated by the diverse and intricate nature of artisanal pot still white rums, particularly cane spirits like Mexican Charanda, Brazilian Cachaca, and Rhum Agricole. This fascination inspired us to craft our own white rum blend, aimed at acquainting enthusiasts and curious consumers with the array of funky flavor profiles in a delightful and accessible manner.” It’s clear that Coconut Cartel Blanco is a labor of love, born from a passion for exploring and celebrating the diverse world of rum.

A Legacy of Innovation

Coconut Cartel’s journey began in 2018 with the launch of their first spirit, Coconut Cartel Special Añejo, a premium aged Guatemalan rum also proofed with fresh coconut water. The name “Coconut Cartel” is a nod to their early days of ‘smuggling’ coconuts from El Salvador to Miami Beach’s hottest hotels and restaurants. This audacious spirit of innovation and boundary-pushing continues to define the brand today.

Where to Find Coconut Cartel Blanco

Retailing at $28.99 per bottle, Coconut Cartel Blanco is available for purchase online and at select retailers across the United States. If you’re ready to experience a white rum unlike any other, head over to for more information and to place your order.

About Coconut Cartel

Mike and Dani Zig’s entrepreneurial journey is as captivating as their rum. Growing up between Miami, Guatemala, and El Salvador, they were inspired by a fusion of cultures and flavors that now define Coconut Cartel. From smuggling coconuts to catching the attention of celebrities like Drake and Martha Stewart, the Zigs have always been about making waves. Today, Coconut Cartel continues to innovate with their signature premium-aged Guatemalan Añejo rum and the newly launched Coconut Cartel Blanco, both of which celebrate the rich agricultural heritage of Latin America.

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So there you have it, folks. Coconut Cartel Blanco isn’t just a new rum; it’s a bold step forward in the world of white rum, blending tradition with innovation in a way that only the Zigs could dream up. Whether you’re mixing it into a tropical cocktail or sipping it neat, Coconut Cartel Blanco promises to deliver a flavor experience that’s both unique and unforgettable. Cheers to that!

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