Jones Soda Co. Dives Into the Craft Mixer Scene with a Splash of Flavor

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It’s time to shake up your cocktail game… because Jones Soda Co., a cult favorite in the craft soda realm, is making a bold leap into the craft mixer market. This move isn’t just a tiny ripple in a large pond; it’s more like a cannonball dive right into the deep end. Let’s dive into what’s stirring with the new Jones Premium Craft Mixers set to hit shelves in Fall 2024.

For those who’ve relished the quirky and bold flavors of Jones Soda, this news might just be the cherry on your cocktail. Known for its vibrant and offbeat approach to soda, Jones is now pouring its creative juices into a line of premium craft mixers. And let me tell you, these aren’t just any mixers; they’re a crafted collection destined to elevate your home bar.

The new lineup features six tantalizing flavors, each packed in cute 7.5 ounce cans perfect for single-serve cocktails. Here’s the rundown of what flavors you can expect:

  • Tantalizing Tonic Water with a Hint of Cucumber: Refreshing with a subtle edge, perfect for a modern G&T.
  • Fizzical Club Soda with a Hint of Lemon: Just the right zing for spritzing up your favorite spirit.
  • Crisp Ginger Beer with a Hint of Lime: Spicy yet tangy, ideal for a fiery Moscow Mule.
  • Glorious Margarita Mix with a Hint of Jalapeno: Adds a spicy twist to your classic Marg.
  • Sparkling Pink Grapefruit with a Hint of Lavender: A floral take on a salty dog that will impress.
  • Cosmo Cranberry with a Hint of Rosemary: A herbaceous twist on the beloved Cosmopolitan.

Jones isn’t just tossing these into the mix without a plan. They’ve thoughtfully introduced a mixed six-pack specifically crafted for vodka enthusiasts. Imagine pulling out a pack at your next gathering—the work’s done, just add vodka!

David Knight, CEO of Jones Soda, shared that the launch of these mixers comes from genuine customer demand and reflects the company’s mastery in flavor innovation. Jones Soda is stepping up, refusing to let fine spirits suffer from subpar mixers. It’s all about enhancing the drink experience and maintaining the integrity of your spirits with quality mixers.

Why should we care? Aside from the obvious boost to our cocktail crafting, Jones is tapping into the bustling $19.1 billion craft mixer market. With an impressive growth rate of 8.2% CAGR, particularly in the premium segments, it’s clear they’re onto something big. This is more than just expanding a product line; it’s about evolving a brand known for its iconic sodas into a complete beverage powerhouse.

These mixers are set to debut nationally with a major retailer on board, promising accessibility to a wider audience eager to up their cocktail game. The initial offering will include three distinct tastes and the vodka-focused variety pack, with plans to expand to more retailers soon.

I’m excited to see how these mixers shake things up a little bit – both for the cocktail scene and for Jones as a company. Whether you’re a cocktail aficionado or just someone who appreciates a well-rounded drink, keep your eyes peeled this fall.

I’ll keep you in the loop if and when I get my hands on some of these!

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