Olde Village Tavern
Elevating The Neighborhood Bar Without Ruining The Experience.

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When you walk into many neighborhood bars in Cincinnati, you’re not always expecting a great craft beer experience. That’s not to say that they don’t have some cans stashed away in a fridge or a tap of something that is local craft… but usually, even if they do, you don’t risk ordering it. You look around and order the normal for the place that you’re in.

Old Village Tavern in West Chester bucks that trend… heavily.

The History Of OVT

OVT (I think that’s what the cool kids call Olde Village Tavern) has been around for more than 30 years… but it didn’t always look the way it does today. New owners bought the bar in 2013 and worked their butts off to change the perception of what this bar was. They brought in better food, beer, and experience (no more smoking inside). They created a bar that does an incredible job of sitting on the line between a dive bar, a neighborhood bar, and, dare I say, something even a little more elevated than that.

The bar has always been a place for folks who live nearby to hang out, have a few drinks together, watch the game, grab a quick dinner, play pool, or throw some darts—but the story today is a lot different.

What To Expect From Olde Village Tavern

I’ve been to Olde Village Tavern many times and have walked into several different experiences on different visits.

One visit might feel a lot like a little neighborhood restaurant. Their menu has a wonderful selection of deli sandwiches for lunch right next to wings, burgers, and a barbecue sandwich that really hits the spot. You can belly up for lunch or dinner and leave the place satisfied without your wallet getting the crap beat out of it.

On another visit during the day, you might walk into a full-on neighborhood bar, with folks day-drinking or “working from home,” hanging out and laughing about the previous weekend’s experiences. It feels like everyone is from the same neighborhood and is using the bar as their local clubhouse – it’s comfortable, and I love it.

Head to the bar at night, and you might find a line for the pool table or someone belting out their favorite Karaoke. The bar gets packed… because there is absolutely something for everyone.

OVT, has a trick up it’s sleeve, too – for all of you who, like me, are craft beer fanatics. They have a GREAT, ever-rotating craft beer selection. Sure, if you’re craving a Miller High Life, have at it, but if you want to drink something with a little extra flavor – they’ve got you covered.

Elevating The Experience

All of this should hopefully showcase to you that behind all the comfort and “neighborhood, almost divey bar, character,” there’s something much deeper. The bar has solid food and a great beer selection. It’s got wonderful service and a boatload of regulars who try hard to make anyone feel as welcome as they do.

The balance is hard to master, and a ton of bars fail miserably when they try to – but OVT has it down to a science. I find myself more often than in many places, deciding that THIS is where I want to spend my afternoon or evening.

The Olde Village Tavern
8123 Cincinnati-Dayton Rd
West Chester, Ohio 45069
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