GNARLYI have a confession to make.  I’m not actually a gnome.  I’m not even as gnome-like as you’d probably like me to be.  I consider myself a semi-anonymous blogger because if you’re determined…it’s not even really all that hard to figure out who I am… hell… offer to buy me a beer and I’ll gladly come up and introduce myself.

So why?

This blog isn’t about me…not even in the slightest.  You might catch a glimmer of my opinions here and there, but this blog is 100% about Cincinnati’s beer scene… her breweries… her brewers… her beers.  I upset people because of that, so I will apologize before anything else, and tell you that yes, I am a cheerleader for Cincinnati Beer.  Sure… I’m a bit of suck up to Cincinnati.  And no… if I don’t personally like a beer, you’re not going to read about it here, because always remember.  It’s not about me…it’s about Cincinnati Beer.

I work on a podcast called CincyBrewCast, where I try to keep bringing everything back to the city I love… you could listen to that on iTunes – or go to

What Is A “Cincinnati Brewery” Anyways?

Look….this is all a little relative, isn’t it? I’ve been sort of making this all up as I go along, but my current thought is that if a brewery is within 40 miles of downtown Cincinnati…I’ll consider it a local CIncinnati brewery.  This throws out a some really great places that I feel are Dayton breweries and includes some that a lot of people would consider their own entities, and not part of any city’s “beer scene”.  If you ever have a question, you can look here on the blog, if it’s featured… it’s Cincinnati.


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