All About Braxton Brewing Company

If you want to tell someone about Braxton Brewing Company, you start with the garage.  Evan Rouse (head of brewing operations) started homebrewing in his garage with his Dad, and the road quickly led him into the commercial world of brewing beer, and then into founding the brewery with his family in 2015.  When you step foot in their taproom(s) you can immediately see the focus of the garage still being front and center.

Innovation, Family, and Quality are foremost on the minds of Braxton with every move they make, and it shows.  From even before they opened their doors, when they launched one of the most successful brewery kickstarter projects to date, to their focus on lagers and barrel aged beers… they don’t cut corners for the sake of ease or saving a buck.

The brewery hasn’t stopped pushing the boundaries of who they are, and what it means to be a Cincinnati Craft brewery in today’s modern world, and I don’t expect that they will any time soon!

What’s Braxton Like?

The four locations that represent Braxton (their original space, nicknamed HQ, their experimental space called the Labs, their barrel warehouse/taproom called the Barrel House and then the Cincinnati Taproom) are very different experiences depending on what you’re looking for. While all three spaces pay homage to the garage that started the whole concept for Braxton as Homebrewers – they take the weaknesses and strengths of each space and roll with them – making a combo that really provides a space for EVERYONE.

The HQ taproom is where they pump out most of their beer. It’s their first taproom, and still provides that home base for the folks at Braxton. It’s loaded up with a ton of beer taps on both the main floor, and the rooftop deck which is an insanely fun place to hang out in the summer time. They’ve got an event space, a full lab space for quality control – it’s amazing all of the things that they’ve managed to cram under one roof in Covington.

The Labs on the other hand, provides an atmosphere a little closer to a craft beer bar.  The space is filled with tables and a big bar, the amount of taps is more than double what you’ll find at the Covington location, they have guest taps and some world class spirits available too.  A small beer garden provides space to hang out outdoors when the weather allows you to.

Next up, you’ve got the Barrel House – which serves a dual purpose. The upstairs houses a small taproom that pays homage to barrels with a ton of details that warm up the space, and a gorgeous feature wall of barrel staves that remind you what it’s all about there. Under your feet, in the Ft. Mitchell Barrel House is a world of barrel aging going on. They store a TON of barrels on-site to produce their fan-favorite Dark Charge alongside a private barrel program.

To round out their taprooms, we’ve got the newest of the bunch – Braxton Cincinnati. This taproom occupies the former Three Points space in Pendelton, has a food option right inside, and has a really welcoming, big, open space that is perfect for hanging out with your friends (especially on a nice day when the garage door/windows are up letting in the fresh air).

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The Braxton Timeline

  • September, 2014 – The brewery announces their Kickstarter, which went on to set several records for it’s success.
  • March 27, 2015 – Grand Opening
  • May 2, 2015 – Braxton releases their first barrel aged product, Kentucky Home
  • June 2015 – The brewery launches their coffee program, called ‘Starter’
  • July 2015 – The first lager from Braxton is released, called Twisted Bit.
  • 11/16/15 – Braxton releases their first cans into distribution. (Have a look at all their packaged releases)
  • 12/5/15 – The first ever block party, and Dark Charge Day is held at the Covington taproom.
  • 2/16/16 – The brewery starts moving into Ohio with distribution
  • 5/26/17 – Braxton Labs opens as their second taproom/innovation facility.
  • July, 2018 – Braxton launches their first cider products into packaging with ‘Kickback’.
  • March, 2019 – Braxton’s Vive hard seltzer hits the market in 12oz cans.
  • Summer 2019 – The Braxton rooftop expansion opens up.
  • Fall 2019 – Their third taproom, called the Barrel House opens up.
  • July 2020 – Braxton announces plans for their fourth taproom, and the first in Ohio, Braxton Brewing Company, Cincinnati.
  • September 12, 2020 – Braxton Cincinnati opens it’s doors for business!
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