All About Quarter Barrel

Quarter Barrel started its life out back in 2010, when they opened a brewpub as a good route into getting beer taps in their restaurant.  Things started shifting and changing here in Cincinnati, though, and they started to realize that beer was going to be much more important than anyone could have imagined it would be.

The move farther south in Butler County was one designed to get their award-winning beer into the hands (and mouths) of as many drinkers as possible, and they opened their second Hamilton location in early 2018. Unfortunately, it seems that over-extension is the best way to describe their downfall, and they were forced to close both locations down in 2019.

What Was Quarter Barrel Like?

Both location for Quarter Barrel had a similar feeling.  They were both great brewpubs with a heavy focus on farm to table food.  The beer that they produced was well done and went alongside their amazing menu extremely well.

The Oxford location was small (you’ll see where the Quarter Barrel name came from) and takes the standard Oxford bar and lifts it up a notch or two providing a nice space to grab dinner.

The Hamilton location, though, took all that is great about Oxford and kicked it up another notch or two. The space was bigger, nicer, and the brewery was able to make a lot more beer.  With an absolutely stunning rooftop deck for the summer months, they had all the pieces seemingly in place.

Once they were forced to close, the Oxford location became ‘Books and Brews’, while the Hamilton location became Fretboard Brewing‘s second location called Fretboard Brewery and Public House.

The Complete Quarter Barrel Brewing Timeline

  • October, 2010 – The original brewpub opens in Oxford
  • 2017 – Quarter Barrel formally announces their plans for a second location in Hamilton, and launches a GoFundMe account to help make it a reality.
  • January 17, 2018 – Quarter Barrel Hamilton officially opens for business, though pouring beer from their Oxford location.
  • End of January – The first two batches are brewed at the new location.
  • February 21, 2018 – The brewery taps their first two ‘Hamilton Batches’ (3 Legged Elvis and Chapeau Gris)
  • January 3, 2019 – Quarter Barrel abruptly closes both their locations.