All About Fretboard

Fretboard bounced around as an idea for a long time before the ownership team was able to make it come to life in Blue Ash.  They combine music and beer into a really fun and special space.  With a lean towards traditional styles, brewed true to themselves, they also aren’t afraid to experiment with things!

The brewery first opened for business in late 2017 and quickly made a name for themselves with both beer geeks and music fans alike. Wasting no time they announced plans in the fall of 2019 for a second, smaller brewpub location in Hamilton which opened for business in December of 2019 in the space that was formerly the home of the closed Quarter Barrel Brewpub.

What’s Fretboard Like?

The two Fretboard locations have very distinct personalities while staying true to the overall vibe of what Fretboard is all about.

In their “mothership” location in Blue Ash Fretboard managed to take a big warehouse-like space and turn it into something special.  There isn’t any mistaking their love for music when you’re inside their space.  From the massive stage on one side of the room to the small details like the fretboard bar, or the guitar strings that stretch across the room above your head.  Music and beer go hand in hand here.  It’s really well done too. If you get thirsty, there’s plenty of beer to go around – and if you’re hungry, don’t miss out on their Barbecue which is fantastic.

As for the Hamilton Brewery and Public House, they leaned heavier into a quieter, brewpub type atmosphere. It’s smaller and way more intimate than the experience in Blue Ash, but still has that same vibe that you came to love with their original space. A bigger menu makes for a great place to grab a table and have dinner with friends or family. If the weather isn’t horrible – you should make sure that you stop by their rooftop beer garden, too. This is easily one of my favorite places to have a drink in Hamilton, and definitely a must-visit spot if you like soaking in the sun while imbibing on a beer or two.

The Fretboard Brewing Company Timeline

  • November 4th, 2017 – Grand Opening Celebration
  • 1/11/18 – Fretboard announces that Kevin Moreland has joined the team (read about this news)
  • March, 2018 – They release their first hoppy lager, celebrating a new twist on the style.
  • 12/2018 – The brewery collaborates with Klostermann for the first time.
  • 12/11/19 – The Fretboard Brewery and Public House opens in Hamilton Ohio.
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