Mt Carmel

Volume 4, Episode 42 – Mt. Carmel and The Carriage House

They are all in a never ending process of ‘Growing Up’ and evolving, our local breweries. It’s not a huge shock that our oldest locally owned brewery in the bunch, Mt. Carmel has been on a similar path of never ending growth and evolution. What is shocking for these guys though is how much they’ve …

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Christian Moerlein’s Super Firkin Saturday Returns

How better to spend a Saturday afternoon than drinking a cold beer or two?  The only way I know to make it better is to do it in a taproom.  Christian Moerlein has devised a great plan to get you in theirs this weekend for a beer or three, and you might remember it from …

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Cincy Beer Brats – Ultimate Tailgating Giveaway

I’m a massive fan of Cincy Beer Brats.  If you’re a regular listener to Cincy Brewcast, you know that all of us on the show love what Chef Antonio is cooking up with his infused brats…but for some reason, there still seems to be a few of you out there who haven’t tried them yet… which …

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Mt. Carmel Taproom Series

What’s The Mt. Carmel Taproom Series? It’s this city’s oldest continually operating craft brewery, and with them situated off in Clermont county it’s often easy to overlook Mt. Carmel Brewing company and what place they hold in this ever growing craft beer scene.  It’s going to catch a lot of craft beer fans off guard …

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Mt. Carmel Springtime Ale

Mt. Carmel Springtime Ale

Brewery- Mt. Carmel Beer- Springtime Ale ABV- 4.5% IBU- 19 A fine wee ale in th’ Scots tradition – Rich, malty flavor be our brewer’s mission – Sweit aroma frae flowerin’ heather – Springtime in Scotland ne’er bin better! Our Springtime Ale is a light Scottish ale brewed with heather tips, like a hill walk in the …

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Mt. Carmel – Coffee Brown

Brewery- Mt. Carmel Beer- Coffee Brown ABV- 6% IBU- 38 The breakfast beer of Mt. Carmel Brewing Company, this unique brown ale is a collaboration of local brewers and roasters. The bold aroma of Cincinnati’s Deeper Roots Coffee balances a body of dark malt, chocolate and toast. Subtle notes of sweet maple and coffee create a refreshingly delicate …

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