Mt. Carmel's Springtime AleBrewery- Mt. Carmel
Beer- Springtime Ale
ABV- 4.5%
IBU- 19

A fine wee ale in th’ Scots tradition – Rich, malty flavor be our brewer’s mission – Sweit aroma frae flowerin’ heather – Springtime in Scotland ne’er bin better! Our Springtime Ale is a light Scottish ale brewed with heather tips, like a hill walk in the Highlands!

There are quite a few spring seasonal around town… and Mt. Carmel Springtime Ale sets itself apart by not being too light…it still plays on the chilly winter air that is still lingering around this time of year.

The beer pulls the springtime into the glass, however, with a fresh, earthy, floral flavor that goes just as well on a warm, sunny spring day as it does when you get a chilly spring rainstorm

The best way I can describe how this one sits on the palate is bittersweet… it’s a balance exactly like you find this time of year… the best of both worlds.  Don’t rush into your summertime Kolsch and Wheat beers quite yet… this one might fit the bill in the meantime just right.

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